Kontent Management System

Not a CMS, just a databaseless web-builder.

Kontent Management System
This was coded by a non-disciplinary, all-purpose flour. I mean programmer.

This is the Demo of the built Website using the system. Please visit the GitHub Page ( https://github.com/Chippalrus/Kontent-Management-System ) for source files.

A personal project / proof of concept to create blogs by using Google Docs/Drive, with a focus of not relying on databases. This is not an alternative to a professional CMS or Website Generator.   I am not a web-developer, nor do I have any coding discipline. I simply build things out of interest tailored to my own interests and niche needs. This is just for my own use. Do not expect any type of support if you choose to use this.


  • Web host
  • PHP 7.0+
  • Google API Key / Credentials
  • Parsedown ( https://github.com/erusev/parsedown )
  • ParsedownExtra ( https://github.com/erusev/parsedown-extra )
  • Three.js ( https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js ) for displaying 3D Models in blog posts


Builds Dynamic OR Static pages
Custom Themes
Standard Markdown
Preserves Rich Text from Google Docs
Constructs Per-page meta information
Additional markup language for aesthetics
Custom navigation links
Builds RSS and Atom feeds
Purges deleted files and directories