Kontent Management System

Not a CMS, just a databaseless web-builder.

Markup Documentation

Document Modifications


Converts generation of static page or article to dynamic, allowing for documents to be frequently updated without re-generating the page or article again. This is on a page by page basis, the rest of the website will still be static if this is used.


Prevents generating page or article titles from document name. This is on a page by page basis, every other page or post will continue to display titles. This is useful if you wish to keep URL short and create a heading of your own inside the document.

 %meta{"author":"name","description":"150 character description","image":"url"}

Add meta for the page, if this is not present website default will be used in its place.

Google Sheets

 %sheet{"id":"google_sheet_id", "gid":"grid_id"}

Displays a given Google Sheet Grid in a HTML table. This allows the user to display spreadsheets inside their article.


 %blqt some quote of text blqt%

This forces the use of <blockquote> for Rich Text when converted to HTML.

 %gallery_sec (drag drop images) gallery_sec%

Turns Page or Article into a gallery. Display images in carded format. (Only works at bottom of page/article)


Manually add an image via URL. Inserted images are automatically converted to this format. This adds shadow box / lightbox functionality.


Adds a 3 column 1 row block element for stacking URLs. Similar to how archive lists blog posts. "Link" disables the URL feature.



Embeds an audio file to the page or article.


Embeds a video to the page or article.


Replace “platform” with:  youtube, soundcloud, twitter, instagram, facebook, twitch, flickr, deviantart, meetup, kickstarter, codepen, reddit, spotify

Embeds content using oEmbed. 

3D Renders ( Three.js )


Embeds a 3DS file.


Embeds a FBX file.


Embeds an OBJ file.


Embeds an OBJ file with DDS material

HTML Block Elements


Creates a block graphic for heading uses. Yes this is worse than BB code, but it works, whatever.


Creates a block graphic that links to given URL. Yes this is worse than BB code, but it works, whatever.

Guild Wars 2 API

 %GW2{"apikey":"API_KEY","character":"CHAR_NAME" "mode":"GAME MODE","charimg":"none"}

Displays a character sheet based on given game mode. !!! Since I no longer play, I am going to stop development on this function.